8 Ways of Looking at a Dandelion

Among the aromas of nature
and the texture of plants
was the lone wishing flower.II.
It is of a creation
like the midnight star
holds the promise of a wish.

At the glimpse of the flower,
swaying in the breeze,
even the sticklers of society
would blow hopefully.

Oh, children of the garden,
why do you cultivate only splendors?
Do you not see how the dandelion
happens to be a flower
just as those around you?

I do not know which I prefer:
the beauty of the rose
or the mystery of the morning glory,
the bud of the flower
or just after bloom.

Petals and stems are one.
Petals, stems, and soil are one.

When the seeds have drifted out of sight,
it marks the beginning
of one hope.

The wind is sprinkled in white.
It must be the essence of the wishing flower.