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Short-term goals for August

I know goal posts aren’t always the most exciting, but I really needed to make this.

So I have been bogged down by a few things like working a barely-above minimum-wage job, having student loans, and wanting to move out of my dad’s house. But instead of being all down about it like I was for like a week straight, I think I need to start getting my head in the game.

First, I need a better job. I would love to put my Communications degree to work, but it seems like I’ll have to take a train into the closest city, which is an hour away and I am having a hard time committing to that kind of commute. Would it be worth it? Is it possible for me, someone who has trouble going anyone by herself? To reach this goal, I have been analyzing job board sites and considering my options. Waiting for phone calls or emails is downright frustrating. Makes you think you aren’t worth anything. But we move forward.

Second, I need to make sure I am paying my debts on time. I haven’t ever had a late payment on my credit card *bangs on wood* so I don’t think this will be much of an issue. But what I do need to do is stop. spending. so much. money! I don’t necessarily need to be paying for anything at the moment but my own loans, so I need to tell myself I can’t buy anything else. No-spend September?

In this rehaul of my life, I also want to start going through my things again. I have a ton of stuff. I started to reorganize my closet and have only half my clothes on my bed (which is a ton, it’s like two months worth of outfits), and yet after work, I just went and slept over at my boyfriend’s and left everything out. Still haven’t been home to finish … I really need to stop buying clothes. And shoes. My poor cheap shoe rack is falling apart.

So basically, summed up, looks like my month is mostly budgeting, finding a way to make more money, and clean my dirty-ass room. That’s the life rehaul.

Onto the more personal goals.

I told myself I wanted to read more than last year, but it never occurred to me that I would be working 60 hour weeks and not have much time to spare. I could bring books with me on my break, but I also have the issue of not wanting to stop reading in between chapters and I only have a thirty-minute break. My Goodreads goal is to read 40 books, but I have only read 15 so far. If I manage to read 15 more than I would at least have read 30 … I can’t remember how many I read last year. It might have been 30. I know reading a lot isn’t really a very productive goal, but I have so many books just lying around unread.

I also want to get back into some sort of exercising routine. I have been doing okay so far, even got some yoga in. Retail has been my gym, but that isn’t enough to really see results. I also still need to work on doing a handstand…

Finishing my novel by October 31. I set a deadline. I am probably not going to make said deadline, but I am going to try my darndest. I know that isn’t exactly an August goal, but I should really start writing this month.

Lastly, I have some things I need to fix up on my blog. I want to redo the website’s look on the new domain I just got. I also want to freshen up some photos and previous articles, make sure all the posts are on Pinterest, that sort of deal.

I have next weekend off, and the next two weeks I will have a consistent schedule, so cheers to trying to develop new habits.


What are you goals for the month or the end of the year?


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