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Favorite superhuman

I want to start off by saying I have only really read two comics in my life. While, I think The Watchmen is technically a graphic novel … so only really read one? Wait is Saga a comic or graphic novel?

Anyway, my point was I think I only have read one actual comic book and that was Spiderman Blue. I read that on a plane to … the Bahamas?

I really need my memory checked.

I haven’t even seen all the Spiderman movies, but there is something about that character that I just relate to. Sarcasm to hide your pain? Sick one-liners? I’m down.

There was also a time in college when my friend group all got Disney Princess voodoo dolls to represent themselves and they basically took all the choices by the time I entered the friend group so I decided I would be Spiderman.

To me, Spiderman has been one of the more relatable charcters because he is a kid trying to deal with the real world and trying to be a superhero. He makes mistakes. He wasn’t just suddenly good at his power or saving people. He needed to work on it.

This isn’t really a touching in-depth take on the psychological conections or anything. I just like Spiderman. It’s probably a cliche character to pick, but I don’t care.


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