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Spring into Summer 2017 Lookbook

Finally got the lookbook together! My dad decided he wanted to help, so he took a few of the pictures. The cat kept bumping into his arm as he took the pictures… It was a family event. Anyway, here are the outfits I think are really comfortable and perfect for a transitional season.



I actually have been really liking rompers, but for some reason, it is really hard for me to find one that fits well. I saw this floral Heart Soul one, tried it on, and fell in love. I decided to dress it up with nude heels (they go with everything!) and a Nine West clutch.


Cold shoulder is still in, and this dress was an interesting color. Of course, this year they are recycling the 90’s, so I needed a choker. The hat and sunglasses and must-haves for summer, especially for my baby eyes and sunburn-prone skin. But who says sun protection can’t look cute?


I saw these pleated floral pants on Charlotte Russe and NEEDED them. I’m usually not a huge flower lover, but these big prints look really pretty. Not to mention they are thin and flowy which is perfect for spring vibes. I wasn’t too sure if I could rock this body suit when I first saw it since it is very low cut and not usually something I wear… But then I thought, why not?


Decided to step outside and test out this outfit. Lace-up flats are still in, and I love this light blue ones I found at DSW last year. The perfect time to wear a striped tank top is all the time. I was a little apprehensive about wearing ankle jeans, but they were actually comfortable and don’t look half-bad, even with sneakers. For the days when it might be on the chillier side, a light cardigan will add drama to any outfit.


This outfit is more casual and something I would definitely wear on a regular day. I have about five different pairs of Vans, but these hi-tops brought out the colors in the cardigan. You can never go wrong with a tank and jeans. Or even a tee and jeans. Or just jeans in general. Jeans.


Damn, back at it again with the floral print pants. These pants are so SOFT, and just as airy as the others. I loved the darker tones in these pants and decided the nude heels would add some oofm, while the plain white tank would keep it casual.


More Vans? Another bodysuit? Girl, yes. I am feeling “just peachy” in these tones and this cold-shoulder bodysuit is so comfortable. It feels like a light sweater, but it isn’t heavy. 10/10 would wear again.


Of course, no outfit is complete without a little cat hair. The flash made her eyes look lit, but she was purring away. She wanted to be picked up three outfits ago.


So these are some looks I created with some new and old items in my closet. What is your favorite item do wear during this season? Any new trends you are dying to try? Let me know in the comments!


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