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Reading Harry Potter as an adult

This might sound crazy to you, but I have never read the Harry Potter series… until now.
Crazy, right? The books feel as if they are a staple of childhood, a must-read for all children. The only problem was there was this ridiculous rumor spreading among the “Christian” community that these books contained real spells and dark magic… So guess who wasn’t allowed to read them?
My dad let me watch the movies to spite my mom since she was the one who didn’t let me read the books. Perks of divorced parents, am I right? But for some reason, even after I moved in with my dad for high school, I still never picked up a single Harry Potter book.
Then this past Christmas, I open this huge, heavy rectangle. My mom had bought me the entire series. When I opened it, I jokingly looked at her and said, “Oh, am I allowed to read these now?”
She’s come a long way from believing crackpot theories.
Opening the first book, I was thinking to myself, reminding myself, that these were written for children. That they may not be as great now that I am reading them as a twenty-one-year-old (now twenty-two, my birthday was thrown in-between books). I told myself to stay open-minded.
But that was all very unnecessary.
I remembered the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone from when I snuck a read of it at a friend’s house, but this time there was no pressure in reading it. I had a fear as a child that even if I snuck reading the series, borrowing from the library and hiding in my room, my mom would burst in and that would be the beating I would never forget. But now I had the complete freedom to enjoy.
Now I know the truth to the story. I always felt that by just watching the movies I was missing an integral part of the story, important character development moments, and other more smaller details. Some books turned out way better than the movies that didn’t do them justice (looking at you Half-Blood Prince). I never felt myself being forced to finish a book or felt any lagging parts. I was immersed and in love the entire way.
It was like having that one final childhood moment before looking towards adulthood.
Even as an adult, the books were entertaining, emotional, and very well-driven. They were especially emotional for me because for so many, the series had ended for them. But for me, even though I had watched all the movies (numerous times), I always thought I still had the books. Now that I have finished all of them, it’s finally over for me too.
But of course, is the magic ever really over?

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