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Mother’s Day gift guide

Stuck on what to get Mom? Most of the time, it’s flowers and a card. But how boring is that? (Honestly, if your mom is a sucker for flowers and a card, then by all means. But what if you want to do something special?
This Mother’s Day, why not take a moment to think about all your mom has done for you (if she has, that is), and think of something really good.
Here are some ideas:
  1. Wine and painting

If you have a wine-loving mom who likes to have a little fun, why not try a wine-painting party? You can get some of her girls together, or some of the family, and have a Mother’s Day get together with some paint and drinking. Recommended for the children who are 21+, obviously.
  1. Brunch

You can’t go wrong with a good brunch.
  1. Dinner and a movie

There is always a good movie playing for Mother’s Day, so why not dinner and a show? This is a classic Mother’s Day treat.
  1. A signature buy

Does your mom have a favorite fragrance she loves? Do you remember anything she used to wear? Why not kick up the nostalgia and buy her something you know she used to love, but doesn’t get herself anymore? Moms tend to stop buying for themselves because the children always come first. Plus, she’ll be touched that you remember the things she likes or used to like. Moms love that.
  1. Matching tattoos

This one is for the more radical and close relationships, but a matching tattoo says a lot. If you and your mom are super close and she is open to it, why not?
  1. DIY project

Something made by the hands feels good in the heart. Making a scrapbook, picture collage, some household decoration, spa in a jar, anything really, will sure to be a great gift for mom. If you love to craft, hit up Pinterest and see what you can make!
  1. Spa day

Whether you go out t an actual spa, or do a DIY at-home spa, you and your mom will totally enjoy a nice, relaxing time together. Every mom could use a nice wind-down day, and what says that better than a refreshing face mask and freshly painted nails?
  1. A good read

For those mom’s who love to read, why not pick out a nice book for them? Moms can range anywhere from sappy romance to action-filled science fiction, so buy what’s right for your mom. Either way, a book is always a good present.
  1. Magazine subscription

For the mom who loves a good flip-through, why not get her a magazine subscription? There are usually some pretty good deals for magazine yearly subscriptions. This will be like a present your mom can have every month! There are also a ton of magazines to choose from, so find out what your mom likes, whether it’s Good Housekeeping, Instyle, The New Yorker, whatever she likes, and order.
  1. Have a picnic

If there was a park you would always go to as a child, or just a really nice park nearby, weather permitting, why not pack up a nice basket and cooler and have a picnic? Your mom would love the thoughtfulness, and you both can talk about what a terrible yet wonderful child you used to be.
  1. A care basket

This goes along with DIY, but why not make a little basket full of samples of mom’s fav beauty finds? Or maybe some new ones she can try. Or you can make a basket with pens and planner notebooks for the savvy mom. A snack basket full of treats for the snack-y mom. Have a complex mom? Fill the basket with a mixture of interests and call it your Mom Care Package! You can decorate the basket with tissue paper or fake flowers, whatever you think your mom will fancy.
Deep down, you probably know what’s best for your mom. You’ve known her longer than I have. And not all mom’s are the same. So whatever you decide, make sure you are thinking of your mom first and not the Instagram post to show off what you did with your mom. Make Mother’s Day special for mom.
For those who may not have a mother in their life, you can make this day special for whoever has taken care of you for all these years as well. They would appreciate the thought of you considering them a mother-figure, and besides, who doesn’t like presents?
What do you plan on doing with your mom or guardian this Mother’s Day?

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