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Why I switched to a mini backpack and what I keep in it

Don’t get me wrong: I love bags. I have a soft spot for Nine West bags that I can’t explain. But here’s the problem: I like carrying a lot of stuff when i go out, and my boyfriend likes to hand me his water bottle to stick in my bag. I have no problem carrying all this stuff, but my back does. I usually opt for cross-body bags, and after wearing one all day, switching shoulders constantly, my shoulders feel sore.
To fix this, I know use a mini backpack. I personally just went on Amazon to find one that looked pretty durable. I figured I didn’t need a cute or leather one to start out until I found out whether I like using a backpack or not.
I really like using one.
The particular one I got, which is linked about, has a main pocket with a secret little pocket inside, two zippered side pockets, and a zippered pocket in the front. I can fit everything I need. I also try to carry only things I think I might need in my bag to reduce backache. But since I have two straps to distribute the weight, my back has not ached.
So what do I keep in my fancy mini backpack? Glad you asked. In the order I am now pulling stuff out of my bag, here is the stuff I have been carrying with me:
  • a little pack of Kleenex tissues

My mom likes to buy travel-sized accessories to stuff our stockings with for Christmas, which I find super helpful because I can try new beauty products or keep handy little things with me. Honestly, I keep these with me now because someone asked me for tissues once, and I felt so bad for not having any to offer.
  • my wallet

My grandmother got me a Coach wallet for my birthday, and I love it so much. I never had anything from Coach. This is the perfect-sized wallet I have been looking for. I have three other wallets: one that is too small, one just for cards, and one that is too large. This coach one is perfect: it fits all my cards, ID, change, money… I guess that’s everything you keep in a wallet, but yeah.
  • my sunglasses

My boyfriend made me get prescription sunglasses before we went to Hawaii. It was a good idea though. I never used to wear sunglasses because I obviously couldn’t see, and since I didn’t wear sunglasses my dad felt that I didn’t need a pair… Now that I am an adult, I had the money to buy my own pair. It was difficult finding frames that weren’t kid-sized to fit my face. I didn’t get the Ray Bans lenses because it saved me thirty dollars, and they work just as well. I normally don’t go for brown things either, but hey, it fit my face, and it wasn’t in the kid section.
  • mints

I don’t like gum. There I said it. I chew it for about two minutes, and it loses all flavor, and I don’t want it in my mouth anymore. A mint dissolves. So I can have my oral fixation for the minute it takes to dissolve, and I don’t have to worry about spitting it out. Also, I like to have a mint after lunch when I return to the selling floor at work just in case I brought something like tuna for lunch.
  • those little airplanes bag

This is going to sound weird, but I’m always afraid I’m going to get sick, and not have anywhere to go. I have a fickle stomach. So I steal these from planes. Not that I go on trips that often, and I haven’t used the two I have so I’m taking that as a good sign.
  • granola bar

Snacks are very important to me. I usually keep a granola bar or peanut butter crackers on me at all times just in case I need a snack or won’t be eating for awhile. Or to offer to someone who might need a snack. Snacks.
  • birth control

I leave this in my bag, so it’s always on me, and I have no excuses to miss a dose.
  • chapstick

My chronically dry lips require this to be with me at all times. I keep one in my room and in my work bag too.
  • my bank books and checks

I haven’t filled out any account withdrawals or deposits since…last April. I use an app to keep track of where my money is going now so I don’t feel the need to write it down. Maybe I should though just in case, because the app I’m using doesn’t count the cash a withdrawal… We’ll see.
  • a tootsie pop

My boyfriend gave me this when I bought him a bag to write a cheesy pun on for Valentine’s day. I should probably just eat this…
  • hand sanitizer

I would rather wash my hands than use hand sanitizer, but for those moments when a sink isn’t around, I have this.
  • ooh five dollars

Ooh I just found five dollars in a side pocket! Nice!
  • change

I keep change in a side pocket so it is contained and not running amok all over the main pocket. I should probably empty some of this out into my change jar…
  • handkerchief

For us glasses wearers, having a soft handkerchief for wiping smudges is ideal. I sometimes forget I even have this and wipe my glasses on my t-shirt like I’m not supposed to anyway, but…
  • Multitude of lipsticks

I try to keep the lip color I’m currently wearing in my bag, but sometimes I forget to take the other ones out … I should put these away…
i usually also have bandaids in my bag, but I switched those to keep handy in my clear work bag that I’m allowed to bring on the selling floor with me. I cut myself on sensors or get paper cuts all the time. The hazards of retail.
So that’s what I’ve been lugging around. What’s in your bag?

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