Sephora haul and review

I bought quite a bit from Sephora recently, and I decided to share some of my reviews of the products since I have had a few weeks to test everything efficiently. Just for reference, I am very pale, i grab the whitest white foundation. I have redness in my skin, so I tend to buy products I know will help conceal that. My skin is also combination, but mostly dry.
So with that, let’s start with my favorite:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (can get for $27 for 4.2oz/125mL pump)

I got this as a sample with my order, and let me just say my face is “dramatically different.” i’m not sure if it’s specifically for the face, but it’s light enough for me to put on my face without causing any breakouts. My face has never felt so smooth, let me tell you. I’ve been putting it on in the morning and before bed every night for the past month, but I was seeing differences within the first week of using it. Big recommend. I’m highly considering buying an actual bottle of it for when my samples run out.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer ($38 for .17oz)

I saw someone use this in a makeup tutorial video, and I just has to have it. It adds such a nice glow to the face. I’m new to the whole highlighting game, so I figured some creamy, shiny goop would be a nice start. This goes on smooth and catches the light in such a way that it gives your face a radiant glow, not a greasy, sweaty shine. I tend to apply it to my cheekbones, inner eyes, cupid’s bow, and brow bones.

MILK Makeup Blur Primer (sample) (can get for $36 for 1oz)

I saw another tutorial with this and decided to give it a shot. It’s a primer, but it also provides some light, build-able coverage apparently. I didn’t really like the way it felt on my skin. It wasn’t creamy, it was like dry and chalky? So i never really tested it as a primer, since I wiped it off almost immediately. I felt to put that texture and then apply foundation and conceal or would be too many products on my face at once. I also need quite a bit of coverage considering my red-tinged face. However, even though this didn’t work out for me, I think this would work for other people, who don’t necessarily need as much coverage as I do.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream ($29.50 for 1.18oz)

I got this in the color Opal 01. The formula itself is nice and liquid-y. It’s supposed to give your face a nice tint, and allow for light, build-able coverage. Unfortunately, this also did not work out for me. My skin was still visible patchy, and adding concealer underneath didn’t really help. This would be good once again, for those who do not need heavy coverage, and just want a nice glow to their face before popping out the door. I wish I could use it because I liked it otherwise. Why is my skin so red?

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($12 for .16oz mini)

I don’t know why I never bought a primer for my eyes before. I have hooded eyes, so my eyeliner and eye shadow always wind up creasing, or smear all over my eyelid where I don’t want it. This primer has saved my eyes. I can now apply and have my shadow and liner STAY IN PLACE. And not only does the makeup stay in place, it keeps the liner and shadow nice all day. No rubbing. Very little fading if at all. I cannot go back to using conceal or as a primer. This saved my eyes.

Bite Beauty Multistick ($24)

I got one in the Creme Carmel color. I like this color because it is light and neutral-y. I’ve mostly been using it as a lip color since it goes on nice and creamy. I can totally see how this can be applied to the face too.

Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Shampoo ($15 for 6.75oz)

So I know this isn’t makeup, but this is highly important. You MUST clean your brushes to not only avoid breakouts, but other icky infections and such as well. So I bought some of this (there are some natural-isa ways to clean brushes with dish soap and vinegar, but I loathe the smell of vinegar so). Anyway. This shampoo doesn’t really have a scent, which is nice and it really cleans my brushes. My foundation brush, which I use regularly, just comes back to life every week. It’s a pretty decent sized bottle for the price too.


Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint (birthday gift) (can get for $20.00)

So February’s birthday gift was the Tarte lip paint and cheek blush. So the lip paint is a little drying, but the color goes on nice and smooth. I highly advise chapstick before application to avoid flaking lips. Otherwise, this is a nice color (Birthday Suit) on me. I don’t use it daily, since it is drying, but it’s a nice pop once in awhile.

Tarte blush ($28.00 for .2oz)

The blush that came with the birthday gift is also super Gucci. The color (paaarty) is nice dusty pink, but Tarte also has a good variety of pink and orange tones available. It’s made with Amazonian clay and has a super solid staying power. It says 12-hour, and they really mean 12 hours.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Duo ($20)

This duo came with two colors: Dulce Vita (dusty rose) and Cruella (Scarlet Red). I prefer to use the Dulce Vita on the reg, and save Cruella for when I’m feeling devious. The matte formula in this pencil, which I have been using for all over cover, is pretty creamy and surprisingly not very drying. It doesn’t leave my lips like the Sahara nor do they flake. Of course, it is a matte, so hydrate ya lips, girls.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette ($49)

Considering I used to never really wear eye shadow, it’s expected for you to bug at the price of this palette. Like, girl, why are you spending so much on a product you hardly even wear. Well, friends, let me tell you something. Once again, my life has been changed by this sweet-smelling temptation of a palette. I am a huge fan of orange and peach-y colors for my face. And yes, this palette really does smell like artificial peaches. Combined with my Urban Decay eye shadow primer, this eye shadow palette has my eyes either looking fierce or like a sweet peach, like the girl of dreams. The palette also comes with a decent sized mirror for application.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ($22)

This is perfect for setting a nice highlight on my face when I don’t want to use the RMS luminizer. I got the powder in Ethereal Light, and it really makes me look too perfect for this world. I have never really used powder in the past because I never liked to apply too much product to my face. But since I have found a way to make my foundation and conceal or less cake-y (BRUSHES), puffing this light powder to illuminate my face is hardly noticeable on the “how many products did I use” scale.
Unfortunately, with my testing Sephora haul, I have developed an expensive taste for makeup. However, I think most of these products are definitely worth having (thank you Urban Decay and Too Faced!) forever.
What are your recent makeup favorites? Share below! Use any of the products I have bought? How did they work for you?
Note** When commenting about makeup, it helps if you give a quick description of your skin (oily, normal, combination, etc.) so others with a similar situation can learn from you**

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