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March monthly goals update

So this year I made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish. You know the basics, some activities, get healthier, blah. I decided I would assess where I am so far after two months into the year, and create other goals to help me accomplish my original goals.

Here is the list of original goals:

  1. Get a job

I did manage to acquire a part-time retail job. It isn’t exactly want a want as a college graduate, but I’m making it work until a better opportunity comes around.

2. Read 40 books

Last year I read 25 books. This year, since i’m done with school and homework, I wanted to step up my game. So far, I have read 6 books. I read most of them in January. In February, I got stuck in the middle of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is a shame because I was really enjoying the book. I just got distracted by other things. An overall assessment of reading so far is good though.

3. Watercolor and calligraphy

Watercolor is one of my favorite types of paints and I’m really into ink pens. I wanted to maybe combine the two, but I just haven’t brought my supplies out at all this year. This goal is not going well.

4. Play ukulele

I’ve always wanted to learn, but I never bought one, Then my mom got me one for Christmas, but I can’t play on it because it goes out of tune in one strum. So I need to buy a decent ukulele before this goal gets any progress.

5. Save up money for own place

Working a part-time job and being a chronic spender makes this goal seem impossible. I also have not tracked how much money I have made or saved…

6. Blog

Minus January, this has been going well so far. I started in February, and I have been writing two times a week like I planned. The only thing I would like is some more attention for it. Otherwise, this is going well!

7. Get a second credit card

My dad advised me that having two credit cards was ideal. I already have one, and wish I didn’t because it does not help my spending problem. So I decided I would wait until I get a better job for this one.

8. Take more pictures

Do cat pictures count? I’m so bad at taking pictures. I rarely pull my camera out, or when I do, it’s for Snapchat. But I also haven’t been doing anything recently worth taking a picture … This one is not going well.

9. Finish novel

I’ve been working on a novel for awhile now, and I really want it done. I’ve edited up to chapter 8 so far. I’m at the point where I need to start adding scenes. This has been going okay, but I could definitely be doing better!

10. See Sam

Since she is still and school, this one may have to wait until summer. But I am seeing my BFF soon!

11. Do every holiday

I’m not sure why I made this one a goal… Maybe to have things to look forward too? Regardless, I have celebrated the major holidays so far, but I might add the weird ones just to have more to celebrate.

12. Do a handstand

My exercise routine is as sporadic as my work schedule. I’m not sure where I stand on this one, but it’s definitely not on my hands. I haven’t tried yet, but I know I can’t do one without the assistance of a wall.

13. Volunteer at the animal shelter

I want to make this a regular thing, so I was waiting for a more regular schedule. I’m also a little nervous about going because it would be something I would be doing by myself.

14. Learn to code

I actually enjoy designing websites, even though I am terrible at it. I did do a lesson on code academy one day, but then never picked it up again… I took a class on the basics of html/css last year and really want to get back into it and learn more. Maybe I could design my own blog…

15. Eat lunch out alone

Again, this is something I have to do by myself. Just for he experience. I also have no idea where I want to go. Like what place would it look less weird that I’m by myself?

16. Hike somewhere in New Jersey

I heard there are some really lovely places to walk around, but it’s still a little too cold for that. Maybe in the Spring I can drag my boyfriend to a national park.

17. Learn Spanish

I can maybe speak to a four year old in Spanish, if that. I have been using Duolingo off and on. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been on it pretty regularly, maybe only missing a day or two a week, and I really think I am improving. I still sound like a white person, but hey, I’m trying.

It seems a lot of my goals rely on having a better schedule. But you know what? I’m going to try my best to work around that during the meantime. If I keep making excuses, I will never accomplish anything. I still need a better job though…

Anyway, I decided to make a few mini goals for the month of March to help me accomplish some of my bigger goals:

  1. Limit computer time

I think the real reason I haven’t gotten around to the things I want to do is because I spend too much time on the computer. I can spend hours on the internet. This includes social media and shopping. So, every night at 7 p.m., it’s lights out for my laptop, phone, and tablet. This way, I can work on blog posts, learn Spanish and learn coding during the day. I originally wanted to do one day with no internet at all, but I already messed that up. Besides, logging off at night will help my sleep quality. And not shopping online will help with the next goal…

2. No-spend March

For someone with upcoming loan payments and a part-time job, I spend way too much money. So for the month of March, I am not spending on anything that isn’t a bill, food, or gas. This way, I can save up some money for my car insurance payment in May and hopefully pay off my credit card.

Here’s to another month making myself a better me.

Anyone else create any new goals? How are your current goals going so far?


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