book review

Drowning in Disappointment

You would think a dystopian novel with sirens and an underwater civilization would be interesting. But sadly, it was not.

I recently just finished reading Atlantia by Ally Condie. After seeing this novel on a recommended list, I thought about how I liked the Matched series and did not hesitate putting it on my to-read list.

Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the bland writing style or the uninteresting characters.

The story opened with a “deciding ceremony,” much like Matched and books like it, such as the Hunger Games, begin. The main character, Rio, begins complaining about how she longs to see the land’s surface, making me question if her name should have been Ariel, but her sister had made her promise to stay “Below.” Then plot twist, her sister ays “Above,” gets dusted in the face with some dirt, and gets whisked away by the police. Rio then screams “no” using her “real voice,” which she can’t use for some reason.
It is then revealed to us by Rio that she is a siren. Her identity must be kept a secret or else she would be taken to live elsewhere to learn how to do the “Council’s” bidding.
None of these events so far are original. Some books can get away with borrowed themes, but the writing style is just too… it’s not good.
Many of the lines are repetitive. One line reads, “He kisses me. He is good at this. I am good at this. We are good at this.” Why did it have to be said like that?
Another issue is how many times Rio questions whether or not she can trust her aunt. It is suspicious that her mom died on her aunt’s doorstep, but that’s the only thing.
All the “secrets” and “revealings” of the plot do not seem that surprising.
This book had a different direction it could have taken, but the repeated themes and sentences made it flop.
Even though the book was disappointing, it was a quick-read, and it wasn’t bad enough for me to put down and never want to pick up again.

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